My attitude as a researcher




The interest in the human complexity made me become a market researcher  but also raised my interest in media work and communication strategies in general.
A long standing routine in exercising both research and journalism enhanced my skills of getting deeper and deeper under respondents skin in a cross over learning process.

Given a great complexity of issues, products, brands and concepts, in whatever kind of project I am involved in I am eager to detect relevant frames and models.

The search of patterns that on some levels unite and with regard to certain criteria divide people across societies, target groups and generations is always undertaken in a passionate way, while dedicating a lot of effort in understand the uniqueness of the outlets of each setting, market and target.


Background informations

Studying psychology in the late 80ies created the basis for my future professional outlet.

Internship in cognitive therapy in the USA  in particular RBT (Rational Behaviour Therapy) for two months  with Prof. Maxie Maultsby and complementary seminars with Dr. Albert Ellis, the founder of RET (Rational Emotive Therapy), increased the understanding of human reaction patterns with regard to unconscious belief systems.

Coming from a family running their own business sharpened my mind for marketing issues and allowed me to internalise intuitively a genuine business attitude.

Running myself a personally owned business (matrimo) on maternity and parenthood for more than 10 years (including sales and consultancy on a wide range of health related issues in a holistic setting) allowed for learning and applying business and communication essentials in setting up a brand and market ideas and products in a changing market environment (economically changing as well as with regard to values!).  Combining these tasks while sticking with and promoting social and humanitarian values was an important task that we managed to achieve within the matrimo business and project model.

Working on behalf of the Protocol services of the City of Berlin  while dealing for more than 6 years with visitors officially invited to the city had a strong professional impact.

The involvement in complex program management was as valuable as the hosting of VIP visitors. This experience contributed to grow a feeling of comfort and ease when dealing with people with very different mentalities, coming from all over the world, having various roots, backgrounds and social positions. Several professional visits to Africa widened the perspectives and broadened the platform of cross-cultural experiences.












The language skills always have been very useful

German as my mother tongue of course is mainly used – in doing research and  in journalistic writing. English and French – fluent in writing and spoken in quite an authentic way – are also used in writing reports and in doing journalistic work.

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